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DSLR BP-K7 Battery Grip for Pentax K7 D-BG4 camera

Pentax D-BG4 Battery Grip

Pentax BP-K7 Battery Grip

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100% New, 1 year warranty!
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Pentax BP-K7 Battery Grip Description 
Brand: Pentax
Model: BP-K7
Capacity: 6 x AA, 2 x D-LI90
Weight: 210g
Battery Grip BP-K7 Compatibility (Camera Model):

Battery Grip for Pentax K7 D-BG4 DSLR Camera

Battery Grip BP-K7 Fit Part Numbers:

Pentax BP-K7 Battery Grip

Pentax BP-K7 Battery Grip Overview  

Battery Grip For Pentax K7 D-BG4 D-SLR Camera

NEW Battery Grip for Pentax K7 D-BG4 DSLR Camera
Professional High Quality Battery Grip
can hold 2 Rechargeable Li-ion battery D-LI90.
Better handle your camera
Effectively Doubling Your Shooting Time
100% Brand New,1 Year Warranty!

Battery Grip For Pentax K7 D-BG4 D-SLR Camera Product Description:

This battery grip/holder is a Pro Battery Grip for the PENTAX K10D/K20D. With this battery grip, you can use two D-LI50 lithium batteries for the camera simultaneously - one in the camera body and one in the battery grip - effectively doubling your shooting capacity. Vertical shutter release button on the Battery Grip makes shooting with the camera in a vertical position much easier, adding stability to the camera. Beware that the batteries should be put into the magazine before inserting the magazine into the grip!
In this professional edition, it also features with on/off button. It will be much convenient while using. No Common Dial and AE/L button.

Battery Grip For Pentax K7 D-BG4 D-SLR Camera Features:

Brand New Pro Battery Grip for Pentax K7 D-BG4,Hold two D-LI90 Li-ion batteries.
Vertical shutter with half-press function. More comfortable vertical shooting.
Doubling the battery capacity of your camera, effectively extend your shooting time.
Professional edition with functional buttons.
Original sense of the handle grip.

Battery Grip For Pentax K7 D-BG4 D-SLR Camera Condition & Warranty

This item is 100% BRAND NEW Replacmenet for Original Pentax Battery K7 Battery Grip with the same function! 1 Year Seller Warranty!
This warranty enables the buyer to erceive warranty repair or replacement for the term length described in this sale.Situations not covered by this warranty include physical damage to the item(dropping/impact damage,water damage,exposure to extreme heat/cold/pressure,etc),misuse,negligence,normal wear and tear,installation of non-factory software,or any other damage caused by use in a wreckless or careless manner.The warranty guarantees the item will be free from manufacturer caused defect for the warranty length stated in this sale.Please contact our customer service team to claim your warranty if and when it should be needed.

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