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PPP014LL| High Quality PPP014LL

PPP014LL, 30% Discount PPP014LL


Original Price : $37.7 
Special Price : $29.00 

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Condition:: 100% New
Warranty: 12 months
Shipping Method: USPS
Inventory: In Stock
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Compatible Part Numbers:
  • HP COMPAQ 394211-001 374429-001 375118-001 394210-001 374429-002 PPP014LL HP-OL091B132 PA-1900-15HD PPP014H
  • AC Input: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz
  • DC Output: 18.5V 4.9A 90W
  • connector: Multi-pin USB
  • Cord Cable: USA UK EU AU plug
  • Inventory: In Stock
  • Name: PPP014LL

PPP014LL Fit Models
  • Compaq Presario R4000 CTO R4000Z R4006EA R4009EA R4010CA R4010US R4012US R4015EA R4016EA R4017EA R4024EA R4025CA R4025EA R4025US R4026EA R4028EA R4030EA R4031EA R4035CA R4065EA R4114EA R4115US R4125CA R4125EA R4125US R4145EA R4146EA R4155EA R4218EA
    HP Pavillion zv6000 zv6000 CTO zv6001xx zv6002xx zv6003xx zv6004EA zv6004xx zv6005US zv6006EA zv6007US zv6008cl zv6009EA zv6009us zv6010eazv6010us zv6011EA zv6013ea zv6015US zv6017EA zv6020ea zv6024EA zv6025EA zv6026EA zv6027EA zv6028ea zv6029ea zv6061ea zv6062ea zv6064ea zv6065EA zv6066ea zv6067EA zv6068ea zv6069ea zv6090EA zv6100 zv6107wm zv6114ea zv6115ea zv6123cl zv6126ea zv6129ea zv6130ea zv6130US zv6131ea zv6131US zv6147ea zv6148ea zv6149ea zv6150ea zv6151ea zv6152ea zv6153ea zv6156ea zv6158ea zv6170ca zv6170us zv6174ea zv6179ea zv6180ea zv6181ea zv6195ea zv6196ea zv6214ea zv6223cl zv6230ca zv6233nr zv6245ea zv6246ea zv6252ea zv6270us zv6295ea
  • Note: Not all compatiable model# is listed.

Tips forPPP014LL :

Please MAKE SURE you have order a correct connector

Pls make sure the DC OUTPUT of AC adapter & Connector size are accordant before order.

What's in the box

Laptop AC adapter 

AC Power Cord Cable (to fit your country)

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