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SONY VAIO PCG-800 AC adapter| High Quality SONY VAIO PCG-800 AC adapter

SONY VAIO PCG-800 AC adapter, 30% Discount SONY VAIO PCG-800 AC adapter

SONY VAIO PCG-800 AC adapter

Original Price : $37.7 
Special Price : $29.00 

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100% New, 1 year warranty!
Condition:: 100% New
Warranty: 12 months
Shipping Method: USPS
Inventory: In Stock
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SONY VAIO PCG-800 AC adapter
Compatible Part Numbers:
  • PCGA-AC19V1
  • AC Input:100 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60Hz
  • DC Output: 19.5V 3A 60W
  • connector: 6.5mm*4.4mm
  • Cord Cable: USA UK EU AU plug
  • Inventory: In Stock
  • Name:SONY VAIO PCG-800 AC adapter

SONY VAIO PCG-800 AC adapter Fit Models
  • SONY VAIO PCG-700 Series:
    PCG-705, PCG-707, PCG-711,
    PCG-717, PCG-719 PCG-729,
    PCG-731, PCG-735, PCG-737,
    PCG-745, PCG-747, PCG-748, PCG-762

    SONY VAIO PCG-800 Series:
    PCG-808, PCG-812, PCG-818, PCG-838

    SONY VAIO F-Series:
    PCG-F150, PCG-F160, PCG-F180,
    PCG-F190, PCG-F200, PCG-F250,
    PCG-F270, PCG-F280, PCG-F290,
    PCG-F305, PCG-F340, PCG-F350,
    PCG-F360, PCG-F370, PCG-F390,
    PCG-F400, PCG-F403, PCG-F409,
    PCG-F420, PCG-F430, PCG-F450,
    PCG-F480, PCG-F480K, PCG-F490,
    PCG-F490K, PCG-F520, PCG-F540,
    PCG-F560, PCG-F560K, PCG-F570,
    PCG-F580, PCG-F580K, PCG-F590,
    PCG-F590K, PCG-F610, PCG-F630,
    PCG-F640, PCG-F650, PCG-F650K,
    PCG-676, PCG-F680, PCG-F690,
    PCG-F807K, PCG-F808, PCG-F809

    SONY VAIO PCG-FX Series:
    PCG-FX55, PCG-FX100, PCG-FX120,
    PCG-FX140, PCG-FX150, PCG-FX170,
    PCG-FX190, PCG-FX200, PCG-FX201,
    PCG-FX210, PCG FX215, PCG-FX220,
    PCG-FX240 PCG-FX250 PCG-FX250K
    PCG-FX270 PCG-FX275 PCG-FX290K,
    PCG-FX300, PCG-FX310, PCG-FX340,
    PCG-FX370, FX-370P, PCGFX390,
    PCG-FX400, PCG-FX410, PCG-FX430,
    PCG-FX700, PCG-FX770, PCG FX776,
    PCG-FX800, PCG-FX876, PCG-FX880,
    PCG-FX900, PCG-FX905

    PCG-FXA32, PCG-FXA33, PCG-FXA35,
    PCG FXA36, PCG-FXA47, PCG-FXA48,
    PCG-FXA49, PCG-FXA53, PCG-FXA59,
    PCG FXA63

    SONY VAIO PCG-R505 Series:
    PCG-R505, PCG-R505BF, PCG-R505D,
    PCG-R505DF, PCG R505DFK, PCG-R505DL,
    PCG-R505DLK, PCG-R505DS, PCG-R505DSK,
    PCG R505E, PCG-R505EC, PCG-R505ECK,
    PCG-R505EL, PCG-R505ELK, PCG-R505ESK,
    PCG-R505G, PCG-R505GC, PCG-R505GCK,
    PCG-R505GL, PCG-R505GLK, PCG R505JE,
    PCG-R505JEK, PCG-R505JL, PCG-R505JL,
    PCG-R505JLK, PCG-R505JS, PCG-R505JSK,
    PCG-R505JSP, PCG-R505TE, PCG-R505TEK,
    PCG-R505TL, PCG R505TLK, PCG-R505TS, PCG-R505TSK

    SONY VAIO PCG-XG Series:
    PCG-XG28K PCG XG29, PCG-XG500 PCG-XG700

    SONY VAIO PCG-Z505 Series:
    PCG-Z505, PCG-Z505HE PCG-Z505HS PCG-Z505HSK
    PCG-Z505R PCG-Z505RX PCG-Z505S PCG-Z505SX
  • Note: Not all compatiable model# is listed.

AC adpter Tips for SONY VAIO PCG-Z505:

  • 1. All our laptop notebook AC power adapters are brand new, CE certified for safety, 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications and come with full 1 year replacement warranty.
  • 2. Please check your original adapter's OEM part number which is printed on your adapter label, laptop model number with our postings before the purchase to make sure you get the right power adapter.
  • 3. Do not use the laptop AC power adapter in dusty, dirty, and hot areas. Its moving parts and electronic components can be damaged.
  • 4. Unplug laptop notebook adapter's AC power when not in use.
  • 5. Store laptop AC power adapter in cool and dry place.

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